Consultants that deliver skills and subject matter expertise


to help you achieve your L&D project goals

Our principle is to develop Mutual Beneficial Relations


with our Business Partners to achieve Success

Seamless Process Excellence


Total Quality Management’s tools, techniques and programs

Seamless Process Excellence


achieve your L&D project goals.

We believe only through sincere Plan-Do-Check-Act motion


Intrinsic Improvement can be achieved.

Welcome to Q & J Progress Pte Ltd

Training and Coaching Services

Business  Excellence Platform, that includes SQC and SQA, Lean Thinking, 6-Sigma  Methodology, Management Systems (including ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001,  OHSAS 18001, BizSafe, ISO17025, ISO29990 Edutrust and BizSafe

Consulting and Facilitation Services

We develop human resource potential through public and in-house training / coaching / facilitation programs using programs such as People Developer (APEX), WDA’s WSQ, Total Training Program

Curriculum and Assessment Design

We develop human resource potential through public and in-house training / coaching / facilitation programs using programs such as People Developer (APEX), WDA’s WSQ, Total Training Program.

Management and Systems Services

Outsourced support in Management and Systems Services Value-add results in processes and management systems Good Manufacturing Practices with respect to FDA;FDA quality system  techniques

Who we are?

We are a group of practitioners in Total Quality Management’s tools, techniques and programs. To widen our scope of practice we started to provide professional services that include coaching, consulting, Assessment Design & Development, training, and facilitation.

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Why choose us?

We help organization to customize their management systems according to business process.

Factual decision-making. Involve people from different levels in implementing management systems.

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Our Services

Assessment Design and Development

Q J has comprehensive know-how to design and develop critical assessments, end-of-course tests, benchmark...

Audit and Support

Audit support includes analyzing and validating processes against supporting documentation, assisting in the development of development of...

Consulting and Facilitation

Q J provides comprehensive and cost effective consulting and facilitation services to clients looking towards...

Management and Systems

We can help client to keep the management systems in shape. We offer a comprehensive...


Our Recent Client


Our Client Says

The training and guidance you have provided for the staff has motivated them to attain positive attitude and strong leadership skills which are significant to any organizations striving towards Business Excellence "PEC"

The services rendered over the years have demonstrated your professional competence and dedication to CSI; not withholding time spent and duration in support of our business endeavour "CSI Oil and Gas"

In his service here he has several achievements which were of much praise and appreciation from the management of the division "Juken Technology"  

We  believe  your  commitment  and  the  professional  quality  will  be  appreciated  by  any  organization you work with "Senoko Energy"



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